Thursday, 11 September 2014

The Purpose Of This Blog - Collecting Comics

For the past thirty five or so years I have been collecting American comics… To begin with they were predominantly black and white British reprints of “Marvel Comics Group” titles such as “Spider-Man Comics Weekly”, “The Mighty World of Marvel starring the Incredible Hulk and The Avengers” and “Star Wars Weekly”, six to ten pence editions I could store away under my bed in a large cardboard box. As a result I was introduced to the teenage angst of Peter Parker, the discovery of a frozen Captain America by Iron Man, Thor and the Wasp, witnessed the dreadful rage of Doctor Bruce Banner and travelled to a galaxy far far away...
Later I would be able to afford actual America colour comic books and supplemented my collection of “Marvel” titles such as “Conan the Barbarian”, “Howard the Duck” and “Captain America” with some “DC” issues of “Batman”, “Green Lantern” and “Captain Carrot and his Amazing Zoo Crew”. There would even be time for Independent publications such as “Wildcats”, “Spawn” and “The Authority”.
These days however I must admit to yearning back to the golden age of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, back to when both artwork and storylines were simple, easy to follow and super-heroes were just starting out on their adventures; yet to be resurrected from the dead for the fourth time.
This blog will follow my latest purchases, both of new and old comics, all usually wrapped in a brown paper bag, as well as ‘flashback’ to some of the classic issues I own…


  1. Oh lord another Blog to follow! you really don't want me to get anything done do you! Some great old titles there I've got an old copy of "Captain Carrot" in the loft somewhere and a couple of "Conans", "StarWars" and Dr Who' weekly's though sadly I did have every issue from 1 to 100 of Star Wars and about 1 to 80 of Dr Who but as I've stated on my own blog my mum had a habbit of making me sell some of my stuff before I could buy new stuff, so my collestions are sadly depleted. I jsut last week missed out on buying all issues 1 to 100 of "Marvel team up The Thing" on Ebay as you well know I am a hugh fan of Mr Grimm, I'm now looking at possibly getting the "essential" editions of this title instead.

    Keep up the good work, and best of luck with this latest venture.

    Cheers Roger.

    (P.S. if I can help out with any pic's or stuff don't hesitate to ask).

    oh and where is the follow button?

    1. Roger, I'm actually hoping this blog will both help me organise my comic book collection, as currently it stands as a disorganised heap across a few shelves and inside some boxes, and get me to read the damn things at last :-) Knowing of your love of Ben Grimm I've a few issues that you may not have seen in the pipeline, as I really want to mix this up with new stuff, old stuff, and really old stuff. Thanks for the help Ref piccies, and I'll email you if I get stuck (as I use the web as opposed to scanning my collection). Oh, and the Follower button is now up!!

    2. Roger, I'm afraid I don't plan to cover 2000AD itself, just my American books for now. But that doesn't mean that 2000AD characters won't show up as the American comic market reprinted loads of stuff and I happen to have a few in my collection :-)

  2. I'm following now, and looking forward to the "Thing" postings there's plenty I havent seen, I couldn't call myself a collector more an rare impulse buyer. Will you be covering any 2000AD stuff? especially ABC Warriors (another favourite of mine).