Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Star Wars: The Force Awakens #6 - Marvel Comics

Having literally romped through Han Solo’s infiltration of the First Order’s headquarters in its previous instalment, those 33,455 followers still purchasing this motion picture adaption, must surely have been wondering just how Chuck Wendig was going to populate a twenty-two page periodical when so little of J.J. Abrahams’ ‘silver screen’ story remained to be told. Perhaps predictably the answer was simple, the Pennsylvania-born writer would just draw out Kylo Ren and Rey’s lightsaber battle for as long as Luke Ross’ artistic talent allowed, and pad out the rest of the publication with plenty of wordless X-Wing battle sequences as Black Leader ‘gives the target everything he’s got’…   

Unsurprisingly, such an unimaginative approach to the narrative for Issue Six of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” badly slows down what should have unquestionably been the most exciting element of this mini-series' cataclysmic conclusion, and so rather than racing headlong through the trenches of Starkiller Base in an S-foiled Starfighter, or following Finn’s pulse-pounding confrontation with the dead smuggler’s treacherous son, much of this comic’s pace is instead bogged down with numerous poor-pencilled panels depicting the likes of Chewbacca repeatedly firing his bowcaster at Snoke’s protégé or holding, and then triggering, the detonation activator to a plethora of explosive devices dotted about the First Order’s facility; “It isn’t working! What do we do?”

To make matters worse though, despite this edition’s evident desperate need for additional material, the “Star Wars” novelist still fails to provide any extra insight into the events taking place, and arguably (once again) squanders the perfect opportunity to include at least one of the cinematic release's ‘deleted scenes’, such as Finn and the Jakku scavenger’s desperate flight from Solo’s death scene on board a stormtrooper skimmer. Indeed, there’s even the odd feeling that every now and then Wendig still feels he’s somehow running out of room, and subsequently his script seemingly omits important facts like Poe Dameron spotting an opportunity to fly straight inside the enemy oscillator in order to destroy it, General Hux realising “the fuel cells have ruptured” before facing his Supreme Leader, and Rey tapping into the Light Side of the Force in order to steel herself during her duel with Ren.
Writer: Chuck Wendig, Artist: Luke Ross, and Colorist: Frank Martin

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