Sunday, 11 June 2017

Star Trek: Boldly Go #8 - IDW Publishing

STAR TREK: BOLDLY GO No. 8, May 2017
Despite featuring the sort of ‘run of the mill’ plot that wouldn’t have looked out of place within the pages of a “World Distributors Limited” Seventies ‘Star Trek Annual’, Issue Eight of “Star Trek: Boldly Go” must still have pleased the majority of its readership with Mike Johnson and Ryan Parrott’s mixture of asteroid-based gunplay and Jefferies tube tribulations. In fact, the creative duo’s opening ‘salvo’, featuring James Kirk phaser-fighting his way onto the bridge of an assassin’s space shuttle is undoubtedly the highlight of this twenty-page periodical’s script.

Sadly however, this initially pulse-pounding, and subsequently engaging tale of “diplomatic disaster” is rather frustratingly ruined by the two-parter’s narrative resting upon a Starfleet cadet’s ability to mind meld with the dead body of the Romulan Ambassador. Admittedly, the Vulcan race’s ability to read the thoughts of comatose people is actually documented within the American television franchise itself. But never before has this ‘transference technique’ been shown to conjure up the thoughts and feelings of the dead before, and resultantly rather smacks of the collaborative writing team reaching out for a rather contrived plot device in order to help them lazily resolve their storytelling.

Just as bizarre is Shev’s amazingly quick, and utterly inexplicable relationship reversal with the Andorian Ambassador. In this adventure’s previous instalment it was made abundantly clear that the cadet’s father was far from happy with both his son’s “decision to attend Starfleet Academy” and the blue-skinned boy’s failure to seemingly put his family/race first. However, now his offspring has been found innocent of assassinating Joltair, the stern faced politician unaccountably states he no longer believes Shev to be a “fool” and for some unfathomable reason even begrudgingly acknowledges that perhaps there is some merit to the youngster’s chosen career; “I cannot say that I am in complete agreement… But you will always have a home on Andoria.”

Described by Group Editor Sarah Gaydos as a “guest artist” who “wraps things up with her dynamic style in a tale guaranteed to keep you guessing”, Megan Leven’s illustrations for this particular publication are certainly “cartoony”. Yet whilst such a label could well be (mis)construed as being highly ‘dismissive of the penciler’s drawing skill’, on this occasion it simply means that the action, whether it be Kirk acrobatically leaping from asteroid to asteroid on account of his "hours spent watching the women's Zero-G volleyball team at the Academy, or Spock's monotone discussions with the Romulans, is cleanly drawn and competently rendered.
The regular cover art of "STAR TREK: BOLDLY GO" No. 8 by George Caltsoudas


  1. I'm still not a big fan of "Star Trek" and I have no interest whatsoever in this particular comic or series. However, the reason for my comment is that I wanted to ask you for your opinion on the upcoming Star Trek RPG by Modiphius? If money was no object, I'd certainly buy the Borg Cube Collector's Edition Box Set (only £395.00, although it is actually worth over £500). I really do like the miniature figures, and the set I want the most are the Klingons. I have uses for them in my N.E.W. campaign.

    1. I was actually one of the playtesters for "Star Trek" by "Modiphius Entertainment", Bryan, and received one of their James Kirk minis as a signing up reward. As a result I was mega looking forward to this game, and like you was planning on getting the Borg Cube Collector's Edition Box Set. But then I saw the price and spat my tea out!! Ho-hum I thought, I'd just get the normal version, and then I saw the high prices for everything else too. £40 for 8 minis? Hmmm... I know that "ME" are now including 10 minis in the Klingon/Romulan sets, so they should be much better vfm, but I personally don't plan on getting any of it yet, at least until I see the (discounted) prices from my usual 'Brick & Mortar' stores. I know "ME" have taken a lot of flak for the starting prices on their Facebook page, and arguably deservedly so imho, as its expensive stuff.

    2. I totally agree with you, Simon. Their prices are very steep and have stopped me from leaping right in. I never look at Facebook, but it doesn't surprise me that ME are getting flak over their pricing policy.

    3. I'm certainly disappointed by the pricing point, Bryan. I fully appreciate that the "Star Trek" IP comes with a significant cost, but the "ME" process seem very high considering that this is an unknown game...