Friday, 1 June 2018

Geek-Girl #1 - Markosia Enterprises

GEEK-GIRL No. 1, June 2018
Proudly publicised as “There’s A New Geek in Town” by creator Sam Johnson, this opening instalment to the comic’s “Crime War” story-arc strongly builds upon the cast and situations initially introduced in the mini-series’ ‘first run’ by replacing Ruby Kaye as the titular character with Little Miss Popular’s best friend, Summer James, and depicting the “less shallow” fashion student’s disconcerting difficulties as a rookie crime-fighter. Indeed, as inaugural missions go, the super-hero ‘funny-book fan’ performs quite dismally, by first accidentally ploughing a simple street-thief straight through the glass window of a local hardware store, and then mere moments later, being completely outfoxed by a dapperly-dressed villain known as the Cad, whose only significant power is that he can supposedly “#$*% with girls’ heads.”

Admittedly, such an inauspicious start to the new Geek-Girl’s career as a bespectacled vigilante certainly provides plenty of bang for one’s buck, even during Pit-Bull’s sedentary still, brutally frank debrief as to his opinion of the young woman’s performance against the “D-Lister” and his “mind thing”. But disappointingly what then follows is arguably far less enthralling, as “the rest of Ruby’s clique” spend three-pages behaving in a thoroughly objectionable manner around the comatose heroine’s hospital bed cracking inappropriate jokes, and Summer seeks some semblance of solace in the company of diner dish-washer Mariella by regurgitating the plot’s main premise once again; “Remember how all this started --? You wanted to get Trevor Goldstein interested -- so you could take his geeky teach-glasses, that they said give super-powers...”

Of course, these dialogue-heavy, rather wearisomely wordy conversations are intermixed by the writer cleverly focussing upon the exploits of Maine’s “new-crooks-on-block The League of Larcenists” and their first somewhat heavy-handed, aggressive robbery at Acorn Ridge’s bank. Yet even the masked men’s cold-blooded threat for the stockpile staff to “get those shutters back open or we’re gonna shoot everyone in here”, plus their van’s subsequent shocking teleportation back to the aspiring criminal’s secret lair isn’t quite enough to fully reinvigorate a narrative which gets a little too bogged down in adolescents feeling “about as welcome as a turd in a swimming pool.” 

Correspondingly as inconsistent as this publication’s penmanship is arguably Carlos Granda’s artwork. The Colombian’s ability to draw dynamically-charged panels pumped full of animated life is vividly evident right at the very beginning of this book, courtesy of a single splash-page showing the klutzy buxom brunette showering a shop full of hapless customers with glass as she careens through the retail establishment’s entranceway. So just why he then later draws Pit Bull wearing such an amateurishly pencilled, clunky-looking costume as he does is disconcertingly bewildering..?
Writer: Sam Johnson, Artist: Carlos Granda, and Colorist: Chunlin Zhao


  1. You give away a bit of a spoiler here, Simon, because volume 1 of the TPB, covering the first story arc, which I've only just finished reading ended on such a cliffhanger with Ruby as Geek Girl and Electro Girl lying on the ground, dead, dying or just knocked out. Once I saw the final page I immediately wanted to read the following issue. But hey, no hard feelings. At least I now know that Ruby is still alive. I'm not at all surprised that Summer has taken to wearing the geek glasses that imbues its wearer with super powers. After all, she did step up to the mark to help Ruby take on Electro Girl. (Please don't tell me what happened to her.) I very much hope there is a volume 2 TPB of this charming and witty series. I like it a lot.

    1. Cheers Bryan. It'll be awhile 'til the second Mini gets collected - but you can get Geek-Girl #1 at where you can also join the GG Mailing List and get a Free Digital Preview Comic. :)

    2. Many thanks, Sam. Thanks for the links. I've joined your mailing list as I don't want to miss out. I understand the reason for the delay but I don't mind because I'm in for the long haul. Kudos on a great character and a great series.

  2. To be fair Bryan, I don't think I've ever written a comic review yet which hasn't contained some sort of spoiler, and thought that was why you seem to steer clear of my "Uber: Invasion" reviews these days, as I know you thoroughly enjoy collecting/reading them as TPBs as opposed to when its released as a comic; and as you say, postings will undoubtedly ruin any surprises.

    Sam's publicity for this new second series has been 'spot on' in my books personally, and as a result I got hold of this issue as a PDF a while before it was released. As I don't like doing previews on this site, preferring to own a physical copy upon release first so I know people have had a chance to buy/read it before my posting, I had this article posted as a preview on "Dawn Of Comics" first and then this one here only after I received a physical copy from Sam [Thanks Sam!!].

    I am delighted that you're enjoying "Geek-Girl", as like you, I'd never heard of it until the "FCBD" digital copy was released, then I read #1/2 and now #1 and got hooked. I'm just waiting on the first four back issues to arrive, and hope to review those soon too as a result.

    I'm afraid all I can suggest Bryan, is that when the next issue comes out, which I'll certainly be getting, I'll email/message you beforehand to warn you not to read it?

    1. I fully understand, Simon. Yes, you are right about my lack of comments on "Uber" - as I am waiting for the next TPB to be released.
      Please carry on as normal. In general, I don't mind spoilers so don't let me hold you back on posting them. You do what you do best - provide unbiased reviews of the comics you collect. I'm glad to hear that you will be sticking with this series. :-)

    2. No probs, Bryan. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on "Uber: Invasion" when the tpb is released. I would hope that the first vol of "Geek-Girl" will arrive before #2 of this second series, so there should be plenty more of Sam's work to enjoy over the coming weeks :-)