Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Uber #26 - Avatar Press

UBER No. 26, June 2015
There is no doubt that series creator Kieron Gillen manages to build up a palpable sense of tension concerning the imminent deployment of “the experimental Battleship Churchill” during the opening few pages of Issue Twenty-Six of “Uber”. Joints aching, covered in an incredibly outlandish suit of plated armour, and destined to be simply dropped without a parachute over the warzone, it is inconceivable to think that many of this comic’s 5,536 readers weren’t utterly enthralled by the massively over-sized woman’s preparations prior to facing Sieglinde and Siegmund east of Calais, and to some extent at least, a little apprehensive as to Leah Cohen’s fate.

Sadly however what then follows is an incredibly demoralising experience which for many of this title’s long-term followers must have rivalled the despair felt with the bloody defeat of H.M.H. Colossus. For whilst the hulking female monstrosity momentarily provides “results [which] were everything Montgomery could have hoped for” and literally tears through her Nazi opposition as if they were made of tissue paper. “Montgomery’s Masterstroke” ultimately proves horrifyingly vulnerable to superior German battlefield strategy and is diabolically defeated by the combined might of supposedly no less than three battleship-class Ubermensch; “The conflict continued for the rest of the day. But in a real way, the battle was over.”

Obviously such a demoralising result during the course of Gillen’s fictional “alternate World War Two” has absolutely nothing to do with the quality of the Stafford-born author’s penmanship. Indeed the exciting narration and pulse-pounding pacing of the fight between the two super-powered armies is terrifically well-written, especially when H.M.H. Dunkirk makes a bold, if not futile, attempt to “disrupt the halo-artillery” and plunges head-first into “the face of the larger body of German enhanced humans.” But such a depressingly dismal outcome to so bravely noble an attack by the “Jew(ish) girl”, and the horrifically gratuitous demise of Howard, is so deflating as to make it genuinely hard to read any further…

Just as successful as this “showcase” edition’s impactive script is Daniel Gete’s incredibly dynamic pencilling. Whether the subject be Leah remembering “The footage. Of the camps” and focussing herself upon the job at hand, or her standing toe-to-toe with her gas-masked blonde-haired opponent slugging it out, the Spaniard’s drawings are beautifully detailed yet wonderfully clean and full of energetic life.
The regular cover art of "UBER" No. 26 by Daniel Gete


  1. An outstanding issue. Much as I'd have loved to see Leah defeat "Sieglinde" and "Siegmund" (the quotes are deliberate and if you've read issue #26 you'll know why), I always felt she wasn't nearly ready to face them. Howard's death was heroically tragic.

    1. Sorry, I meant issue #27 not issue #26.

    2. Cheers Bryan. I have read #27 so do indeed know the underlying story you refer to. I still rate the defeat of H.M.H. Colossus as the best, but this wasn't far behind and was certainly well-written. Sadly I really liked H.M.H Dunkirk too - so to lose him in this fight too was absolutely gutting.

    3. No worries Bryan. I knew which issue you meant ;-) Of course with just #27 and the FCBD edition left to review I'm going to need to find another title to tempt you with... "Howard the Duck" maybe?

    4. Please, NO! Not Howard the Duck! I've never liked him. I've never really gotten into any DC heroes or villains until recently when I started reading Amanda Connor's new take on Harley Quinn and fell in love with her. I like Amanda a lot (she did a terrific job on Vampirella) and she made me warm to Harley. I'm slowly building up my collection of Harley TPBs. I don't think I've seen her mentioned on your blog but do correct me if I'm wrong.

    5. I do have a few Harley Quinn issues Bryan, but they pale in comparison to the number of "Howard The Duck" comics I own - Indeed I have his entire first run as he's one of my fave "Marvel Comics Group" heroes. How very different we seem to be in our likes :-) In fact I have a few of Bronze Age HTD reviews pending, so you'll just have to ignore those postings I'm afraid. In the meantime though I'll have a good rummage around to see what I've got to keep you entertained.